Keno Cheye Achho Go Maa, Mukhopaane

 Keno Cheye Achho Go Maa, Mukhopaane

Translator’s note: Tagore had written and composed this song in 1886. You may listen to it here.

Why keep looking expectantly, O Mother, at their face?

They don’t want you; they don’t want you at all.

They don’t know their own Mother.

They won’t give you anything, they won’t!

They only deceive and they pretend so much.

You are giving, Mother, whatever you have –

Thy golden harvest, the holy waters of Ganga,

The Knowledge, the Dharma, and the countless sacred tales;

What will they give thee! Nothing, nothing at all.

Only deceive they will, with a base spirit.

Keep the pain of thy heart, Mother, in thy mind.

Contain thy tears in thine own eyes.

Hide your face, Mother, in the bed of dust –

Forget all thine unworthy children.

Gazing at the vast void and counting the lengthy hours –

See if you can pass this long night thus!

What good is speaking of thy sorrow, Mother,

To the unfeeling, unconscious stone?

Sreejit Datta

Sreejit Datta is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Centre for Civilisational Studies at the Rashtram School of Public Leadership.

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  • Beautiful piece

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