A deep silence behind the word,

A gentle nudge – lighter than air,

A flame within a lake of light.

A flight of sound in the space,

A smudge of black, pregnant cloud,

A pair of wise, tranquil eyes.

A god of life’s loneliest stand,

A portal to the boundless sky,

A drop of gold on earthen lamp.

A lonesome man working the fields,

A beast preying with halting steps,

A roar of thunder breaking dream.

A pollen grain – a tiny speck,

A dawn of comely crimson hue,

A mammoth figure rising steep.

A pious thought without a name,

A sudden pulse through the leaves,

A sun ‘n’ a moon, watching unblinking

Sreejit Datta

Sreejit Datta is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Centre for Civilisational Studies at the Rashtram School of Public Leadership.

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