Shivam Mishra

Shivam Mishra has done Masters in Sociology and is interested in Indian history and society. He believes in the Indic intellectual tradition of Guru-shishya and Shastrath. He is currently a Research Associate at the Upword Foundation.

Sikh-Hindu Conundrum: Who’s Who!!!

Previous Part: Sikh-Hindu Conundrum – An Introduction On Republic Day, a highly charged Sikh mob unfurled their flag ‘Nishan-Sahib’ in the ramparts of the Red Fort. It invited anger from several quarters. In response to that, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, in the parliament, ferociously eulogized the virtues of ‘Nishan Sahib’. She called ‘Red Fort’ as ‘the […]Read More

Sikh-Hindu Conundrum – An Introduction

While addressing the crowd, mainly the Punjabi-Sikhs, gathered to protest against the farm laws, Ex-Cricketer and actor Yograj could not hide his contempt for Hindus and ended up denigrating them as historically pusillanimous folks whose women were sold for cents during Abdali’s invasion and it was ‘Punjabis’ who saved them. It is not uncommon to […]Read More

The Equality Labs Trapped Right Wing Activists

On June 30, Cisco systems Inc. was sued by California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing regulators for allegedly failing to prevent ‘caste- discrimination, harassment and retaliation’.    A Dalit engineer anonymized as “John Doe” accused his Brahmins colleagues, Sundar Iyer and Ramana Kompella, of denying him bonuses and stalling his promotions just because he belonged […]Read More