Sandhya Jain

Sandhya Jain is an author, independent researcher, and writer of political and contemporary affairs. Jain is a post graduate in Political Science from Delhi University and has had over three decades of experience as a professional journalist.

Changing & Corrupting History

Some months before he died in February 1980, R.C. Majumdar recalled how the veteran freedom fighter K.M. Munshi “believed that a government sponsored institution can never document history in an honest manner. I realized this truth in the later years. The federal government built an editorial board to document India’s freedom struggle with me as […]Read More

Tasteless Diatribe against a Hero

Having purchased and read James Laine’s Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India only after it was officially withdrawn by the publishers, I cannot view the events at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (BORI) as totally unjustified. Certainly, attacks on centres of learning have no place in Hindu ethos and must not recur. Yet, having gone through 105 […]Read More

Marxist history’s Pakistani perspective

In September 2000, eminent Pakistani historian Mubarak Ali wrote an article, “How Many Qasims, Ghaznavis, and Ghoris Do We Need?” analyzing the valorization of Arabs and Turks who ravished the land that is now Pakistan, in school textbooks. Ali observed that Muhammad bin Qasim, Mahmud of Ghazni and Shihabuddin Ghori emerged as powerful symbols in […]Read More

Footprints in an Earthly Paradise

But soon a wonder came to light, That showed the rogues they lied: The man recovered from the bite, The dog it was that died. – Oliver Goldsmith, Elegy Either by instinct or consensus, India’s uniquely secular national press simply ignored the discovery of a broken pillar with a lotus carving at the site of the […]Read More

Criminal Law, Secular Yardstick

There is simply no honest way to avoid stating the bald truth that the common citizen today feels that his sense of justice, decency and fair play have been violated by the very organs of state entrusted with upholding decorum in public life. Prejudiced by a campaign orchestrated by a section of the media and […]Read More

Cow is the symbol of consciousness

Marxism is the most aggressive of the monocultures seeking to decimate India’s unique civilization, because it has no genuine creed, no core values, of its own. Hence it lacks a sense of the sacred or even the ethical, and relies wholly on the vitality of violence to achieve its ends. Yet even by the debased […]Read More

Hindu Gods & Gospel Untruths

A leading newspaper just performed a sterling service by publishing a photograph of the “Ganesh chappals” that have so enraged the Hindu-Indian community in America. Without the photograph, it would have been difficult for people in this part of the world to envisage how something so deeply offensive could have been contemplated and executed with […]Read More

Clamour for Tribal Harvest

Europe’s civilian revolt against the stranglehold of the Catholic Church was won by resurrecting its Pagan heritage as exemplified in Greek philosophy and Roman law. The resultant duality of religious and secular authority provided space for individual liberty, science, and material progress. Hindu society, despite civilizational stresses from hostile invasions, managed to preserve its cosmic […]Read More

All unquiet on Northeast front

Concerted and continuing changes in the demography of the north-eastern states, which have already overwhelmed the indigenous population in several districts, are causing dismay and alarm among dispassionate intellectuals, ordinary citizens, and even concerned administrators. Political parties, however, have mostly turned the Nelson’s eye to the crisis brewing in several border regions. The India First […]Read More

Rape as cultural aggression

Assam, which is still reeling under the impact of continuing illegal immigration from Bangladesh, is suffering equally from acute cultural violence in the form of a rising graph of rape and abduction of minor girls and young women by suspected ‘guests’ from this worrisome neighbour. This is an affront that India can ignore only at […]Read More