Ramesh Pasi

Journey of an investigative media startup: How few students from

Nowadays, media startup ‘Falana Dikhana’, started under the Investigative Journalism tag on Twitter and social media platforms is being highly appreciated for its reports. The ‘Falana Dikhana’, now known as Neo Politico, which came into the limelight with its reporting on the Hathras incident, has at times surprised even big journalists with its reporting. This […]Read More

Satire: Serious Illnesses of Hindu Body Politic

The Hindu body politic is seriously ill today. Literally. It is in shambles because it has been hijacked by serious illnesses, that are chipping away the healthy constituents, or turning them ill by infection. Since the number of ill people is quite large, we are living in the “Aal ijj well” consensus delusion.  Like any […]Read More