Yaadhum: An analysis by a Hindu

“We create the history of things we don’t know based on things we know. That is very normal” said Prof. P.J.Cherian, in connection with a recent documentary ‘Yaadhum’ by Kombai S Anwar. As we know, Indian history is a hostage of ideological chauvinists who use the art of history writing as a tool to fulfill […]Read More

Nandivarman II – The Pallava Emperor From South East Asia

The land of Bharatavarsha was blessed with many great emperors, who were the torchbearers of Dharma and unity among the Dharmikas. The emperors of Bharatavarsha did not only rule the regions of India but also conquered parts of South East Asia and Sri Lanka. This resulted in Hindu Dharma spreading in those lands. But unlike […]Read More