Hemant Pandey

Hemant Pandey is a seeker and an ardent devotee of Anjaneya. He also works as a police officer for living.

Anjaneya – Undeniable and Inimitable, Now and Forever

Today is Hanuman Jayanti- the day the Eleventh Rudra took birth in the embodied form on this earth. He is said to be a “monkey god” (which is technically incorrect because he is a Vanara, a celestial species which only looks like an earthly monkey, but is very different from them), and we humans are […]Read More

Contemplating Hanuman

Hanuman is a deity revered across the length and breadth of Bharata. For a common temple goer, Hanuman Aradhana, especially in North India, is usually (though not exclusively) done through Chalisa or Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak or Bajrang Baan. There is a subtle difference as to how Anjaneya is portrayed in these three popular hymns. Hanuman Chalisa […]Read More