Hariprasad N

Hariprasad N is based out of Bangalore, and works in the Software Industry, mainly on Cloud Computing and Operating Systems. He has special interests in the areas of Spirituality, Politics and Law.

Hindu temple as a religious, spiritual centre

Since a few weeks now, the issue of freeing Hindu temples from the clutches of Government control has been actively discussed. While prominent personalities like Sri Sadhguru JV have launched a campaign highlighting the plight of temples under Government control, leaders such as Sri M Nageshwara Rao (retired CBI Director) have proposed a framework for […]Read More

Educational Rights According To The Makers Of Our Constitution

Over a number of articles, we have seen the various phases of development of Article 30 during the framing of our Constitution. In particular, we have looked at how the text of the Article, as it stands today, was derived heavily from a memorandum submitted by a group of minority leaders during the Second Round Table Conference of […]Read More

The All India Hindu Maha Sabha – Its Aims and

Source: Extract from a write-up contributed by Mr. G. V. Ketkar Editor Mahratta Hon Secretary, All India Hindu Mahasabha – Indian Annual Register, 1941, January ================================ The Origin The first Hindu Sabha was established in the Punjab in the year 1907 with the following objects:- “(1) To Promote brotherly feelings amongst the various sections of the Hindu […]Read More

Issues with Constitutional Interpretation Styles

In the judiciary, various techniques or styles are deployed when it comes to interpretation of the Constitution. A study of these ‘Constitutional Interpretation’ methods help understand the approach taken, and the reasoning behind, the judgement arrived at in any particular case. Although interpretation styles can be attributed to any judgement, they become especially relevant in […]Read More

Festivities: Opening the Door to Moksha

The ultimate goal of every individual following the path of sanatana dharma is to obtain moksha — salvation — mukti. To be free from samsara — the cycle of birth and death. To be part of HIM. Or be a part of HIS abode. Or be like HIM. Or just be close to HIM. But then, not everyone gets moksha. Not […]Read More

Scriptural & Sculptural Evidences related to Rama in the Dvaita

In an earlier post, I had briefly mentioned about collating a list of scriptural and sculptural evidences in the Dvaita tradition of Sri Madhvacharya, in order to complement the exhaustive list of evidences compiled by Ms. Meenakshi Jain, in her book “Rama and Ayodhya”. The present post is an attempt at the same. In the book, a […]Read More

Abdicating Legislation to Judiciary?

I was recently reading the book – “The Vision of the Anointed” by Thomas Sowell. While discussing the issue of “Judicial Activism”, the author briefly makes a point about how, in the US, the “anointed” deliberately blur the concept of separation of powers and leave some parts of legislation unclear so that they could use […]Read More

The Narasimha Yajna of Bhimasena

It was the seventeenth day of the great war — the bhubhaaraharana kaarya of Sri Krishna was in full swing — ably assisted by the five Pandavas — and of course Ashwatthama. Karna had defeated Yudhisthira pretty badly, and the elder Pandava had to return to his camp to recover from the injuries, after being rescued by Bhimasena. Bhima sent Arjuna to the camp to enquire upon the elder one’s health. Arjuna and Yudhisthira […]Read More

SJW Laws: Designed for Misuse?

Three years back, the Supreme Court of India issued some landmark directions to curb the menace of misuse of the draconian IPC 498A. It has brought in a more rigorous review process, in the form of Family Welfare Committees, to reduce the problem of false cases and the consequent arrest of innocent people. Naturally, this […]Read More