Swadeshi Movement in Bengal – Bengali Contribution to Industry

In today’s political discourse, Bengal and Bengali Hindus are hardly associated with enterprise and industry. The general perception is that Bengali Hindus especially educated ones are basically job seekers who want the comfort of salaried employment and a sense of security that comes with it. Not necessarily a government job, but a private salaried job […]Read More

Why Gorkhaland (And Similar Other ‘Lands’ Like Bodoland) Must Be

India, right now, is going through a major crisis. Nepal – with whom India shares intimate political, cultural and civilizational ties – has been increasingly becoming hostile under its Communist regime. It is certainly not a new trend. Ever since the Communists took control of Nepal, they have been slowly and steadily moving closer to […]Read More

Hindu Refugees and The Rise of The “Left” In Bengal

The rise of the Communist movement in Bengal after independence is one of the most fascinating events in Indian politics. Why Bengali Hindu refugees from East Bengal associated themselves with the Left movement instead of joining with so called Hindu Nationalist parties and various other such commonly raised queries about the politics of Bengal shall […]Read More

What if Syama Prasad Mookerjee had prevailed over the Congress?

In present day “Right wing” circles, the discourse on Syama Prasad Mookerjee (addressed as SPM henceforth) is usually centred around Jammu & Kashmir. SPM’s opposition to special status for Jammu & Kashmir, his visit to J&K without a permit (in those days one needed a special permit to enter the state), his arrest & subsequent […]Read More